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Two Or Three Things I Know About the Iraq War

In anticipation of President Barack Obama’s primetime address to the nation last night on the Iraq War, columnist Eugene Robinson wrote, “Now that the Iraq War is over… only one thing is clear about the outcome: We didn’t win.”

Actually, I can think of about 12 things that are clearer about the outcome of the Iraq War than the conclusion that we didn’t win:

(1) Obama was wrong about the surge,

(2) Vice President Joe Biden was wrong about the surge,

(3) President George W. Bush was right to ignore Congressional Democrats and the Iraq Study Group and order the surge in 2007,

(4) Insurgent violence dropped precipitously after the surge was implemented,

(5) If Democrats had had their way on the surge in Iraq, per Harry Reid’s declaration that “this war is lost,” it would have been lost,

(6) Bi...

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Top 7 Mistakes Rookie Real Estate Agents Make

each time I speak to someone approximately my enterprise and profession, it usually comes up that “they have got idea approximately entering into real estate” or recognize a person who has. With such a lot of people considering entering into actual estate, and moving into actual estate – why are not there extra a success Realtors within the international? well, there is simplest a lot enterprise to head round, so there can handiest be so many real estate marketers within the global. I experience, but, that the inherent nature of the business, and how one of a kind it’s miles from traditional careers, makes it difficult for the average individual to effectively make the transition into the actual property enterprise...

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